Medical Decision Research Lab

Dr. Shaffer directs the Medical Decision Research Lab (MDRL) at the University of Missouri. This lab is associated with the doctoral program in Quantitative Psychology in the Department of Psychological Sciences. In this lab, we broadly seek to apply decision psychology and behavioral economics to inform practical problems in medical decision making. Recent work has focused on applications to Clinical Decision Support Systems and Patient Decision Aids. The lab also serves to train undergraduate and graduate students in research design and methods commonly used in decision psychology and behavioral economics.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Pete Wegier, PhD
Graduate Students 
Andrew Hathaway
Kathrene Valentine
Undergraduate Students
James Cousett
Leslie Jackson
Haylee Cromer
Jordan Keitt

Postgraduate Research Assistants (i.e. people who have graduated but I am so pleased are still hanging around!)

Melana Salisbury

Lauren Gillespie

Sean Duan


Elizabeth Focella, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
Brian J. Zikmund-Fisher, PhD, University of Michigan
Angela Fagerlin, PhD, University of Michigan
Edgar C. Merkle, PhD, University of Missouri
Laura Scherer, PhD, University of Missouri
Hal Arkes, PhD, The Ohio State University


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